About NCW

Custom.  It’s in our name.  And it’s our mission.  We don’t mass produce golf clubs and we don’t try to make clubs that fit the broadest category of golfers.  We’re all about making the best golf clubs possible for 1 golfer at a time.
Our irons and wedges are hand ground from Japanese forgings by master craftsmen with custom sole grinds to optimize turf interaction based on your swing, with a library of classic and modern shapes and unparalleled personalization options.  Our putters are designed in CAD and 3D-printed to your exact specs and preferences, allowing us to make virtually any shape and fit any stroke, and optimize internal mass distribution to increase MOI and improve forgiveness.
Like a hand-made Savile Row suit, our products are the pinnacle of our industry.  
We occasionally offer some ready-to-play clubs for sale here on our website, typically for those clients who want something to play while they wait for their custom orders to be filled or those not interested in waiting for custom clubs to be made to order.  But our core mission will always be making the finest custom golf clubs in the industry.