Don White and Jeff McCoy

The best craftsmen make the best golf clubs.
Sounds simple right?
At National Custom Works we do things differently than any other company in golf.  We are obsessed with crafting clubs the right way.  No shortcuts are considered.  Our clubs are made specifically for YOU.  Your preferences, your tendencies, your conditions and your specifications - all ground to fit your game by two of the greatest club makers in the history of the game. 
Don White is a legend in the golf club industry.  As the former head of the MacGregor Tour/Custom Department and one of Scratch Golf's Master Craftsmen, Don has made clubs for some of the best players in the history of the game.  His metal shaping skills and vast knowledge have been on call to some of the best to ever swing a club - including the record holder of 18 major championships.  Don's work speaks for itself and his clubs have amassed 14 Major Championships and countless Tour wins since 1973. 
Jeff McCoy has forged his own fabled path in the golf club business.  As one of the founders of Scratch Golf, Jeff reimagined methods to hand-craft custom golf clubs and sparked widespread changes to the golf industry's outlook on custom fitting and club customization.  Jeff has worked with some of the best players in the world since he began grinding clubs in 2003.  His clubs have numerous Tour wins including the 2010 LPGA Championship, which was won by a record 12 shot margin.  Jeff's wedges were also played in competition by the youngest player to ever make the cut at The Masters at 14 years old.